Manifest Mira warehouse assembles food kits in large volumes to assist Ukrainian families struggling due to the Russian invasion and annexation of Ukrainian territory.

The Walls and Fuel for Our Cause...literally

US Charity, Lifting Hands International Partners with Manifest Mira

Odesa, Ukraine

Based in Odesa, Ukraine Manifest Mira Charitable Foundation is pleased to officially announce its partnership with American charity, Lifting Hands International. The two groups have been working together since June 2022 to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

"This year we have received several very generous grants for food and supplies for Ukrainians. However, the struggle is always taking those donations and getting them to the people that need them the most. Families in remote areas are definitely among that group," says Eric Fairlie. Manifest Mira's Director of International Partnerships.

"Lifting Hands provided Manifest Mira with the operating grant to do this. They quite literally have given us the roof and fuel to package and deliver thousands of food kits on a monthly basis. We were also able to employ Ukrainians who were evacuated or lost their job due to the Russian invasion in Feb 2022.

Lifting Hands has been truly an amazing partner to work with."

A full-scale invasion of a country requires, a full-scale response. Manifest Mira has positioned itself to combine the local expertise and know-how to offer a large capacity response. In the non-occupied urban areas there is food available. However three challenges make it difficult to afford food. For example:

  1. Inflation
  2. 25% Devaluation of the hryvnia (Ukraine's currency) in July 2022
  3. Mass layoffs in February and March (due to Feb 2022 Russian invasion)
  4. Interruption of food supplies (due to Feb 2022 Russian invasion)
  5. Ongoing severe poverty

Layoffs have stabilized along with many supply routes. However, inflation and general poverty remain.

Manifest Mira prioritizes assisting families with children with additional needs. Such as a physical or learning disability. As well as Internally Displaced Persons from the Russian occupied regions of Ukraine.

Lifting Hands' funding is permitting Manifest Mira to address this need. As well as position them to help other Ukrainian and International charities with large scale packaging of emergency kits. Manifest Mira currently assembles food and hygiene kits. With 90% of the items sourced from Ukrainian suppliers! Depending on need and funding they may expand to water filtration and other kits.

In August 2022 members of Lifting Hands' team came to visit their local partners in Ukraine. Including Manifest Mira in Odesa. Executive Director Hayley Hayley Smith had this to say,

“We met so many incredible people in Ukraine. We prefer to work with small local organizations, which means we can really get to know them and beneficiaries whom they help."

In August 2022 members of Lifting Hands' team came to visit their local partners in Ukraine.


If you would like to support the work of Manifest Mira or Lifting Hands, you may make a donation at the links below. Manifest Mira and Lifting Hands also accept gifts-in-kind for new items. Such as winter clothing, blankets, electronics, and medical supplies.

Donations to Lifting Hands International are eligible for a US Tax Receipt.

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