"I want, I can, I will"

"I want, I can, I will"

Educational conference for teenagers from orphanages. Odesa 27.09-29.09.2019

How do you choose your way in life? How do you figure out what you like when you are 13-17 years old? Do you remember how you felt at that age?

Remembering ourselves, we offered teenagers from orphanages in Odesa and the region to take part in an educational game. The children tried on the role of entrepreneurs and professionals in five areas, gained new knowledge, worked on their projects as a team and presented them publicly.

How it was organized

  • First Day.
    Communication among the children on the topics they are most interested in. Presentation of collective solutions to each discussion topic.

  • Second day.
    Successful entrepreneurs shared their experiences. Children were divided into groups in one of five areas: cafés, clothing brands, beauty salons, hotels, and fitness clubs. They visited entrepreneurs, or to be more precise, looked at how business structures work from the inside. They listened to lectures on marketing and finance and made business plans of their projects including taxes, rent, equipment and salaries.

  • Day Three
    The teams shaped the material they gathered into a cohesive project and presented it. The pitching of the projects exceeded all expectations, the children were very creative in implementing and presenting their projects. Everyone was able to attend the open pitching.

Watch the video!

 A little bit about the numbers and how much it cost

  • Collected: 125,560 UAH.
  • Spent: 67,520 UAH.
  • Money raised from actions, lectures, and sale of T-shirts: 40,900 UAH.
  • The happy owners of T-shirts: 93 T-shirts were bought and 19 were given as gifts for helping.

The organization "I want, I can, I will" was joined by more than 50 partners, whose services, according to our modest calculations and the average market price are estimated at 204,000 UAH.

During the three days of the event, 75 children from 5 foster care institutions from the Odesa region and 40 adults took part.

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