Anti-Corruption Policy

Manifest Mira (henceforth, 'MM') actively works towards a more fair and transparent society. Where financial, social and political systems work according to open and clear policies.

All volunteers, staff and anyone representing MM, is expected to always behave in the best interests of Manifest Mira without the abuse of power for illegitimate individual or group benefits.

Below is an abbreviated version of our Anti-Corruption policy.


Position on Corruption

It is Manifest Mira's stance that corruption is a net negative to society. It decays trust between people and rewards people not on the basis of their skill. It creates an environment where the common person is less independent and free. Leading to ongoing poverty, stagnation of advancement of society and reduced quality of life.

MM is committed to high ethical standards and transparency in all our work and to remain accountable to all internal and external stakeholders, including beneficiaries, donors, employees, volunteers, management, partners, contractors, suppliers and MM’s Board of Directors.

Attitude and How We Discourage Corruption

  • MM takes a firm position against corruption in any form, and actively works to prevent, avoid and detect all forms of corruption, through a set of compliance procedures.
  • MM has zero- tolerance for all types of corruption, and acts and reacts promptly when/if corruption occurs.
  • MM employees must commit to a zero- tolerance towards corruption and Line Managers must foster an understanding and culture where corruption is not tolerated.
  • MM employees and volunteers are not allowed to provide for, request or receive anything that can be defined as corruption according to MM’s definition of corruption.
  • MM encourages open discussions of corruption in the organisation

Duty to Report Corruption

All staff and anyone else representing MM who becomes aware of possible corruption/breaches of the Code of Conduct (including but not limited to corruption) committed by MM personnel or any other humanitarian worker, partner and/or third parties doing business with MM, must report alleged violations immediately through one of the following whistle blowing channels:

  1. Through your direct leader or MM contact.
  2. Any senior manager or board of director.
  3. Anonymously at

Different Forms of Corruption

Corruption takes many forms. Below are some examples.

  • Bribery: When someone improperly provides goods or services against some form of improper compensation (e.g. the offering, promising, giving, accepting or soliciting of money, a gift or other advantage, as an inducement to do something that is illegal or a breach of trust in the course of carrying out an organisation’s activities)
  • Kickback: A form of bribery, where someone involved in a procurement process is getting a reward from the supplier for placing an order of goods or services
  • Embezzlement: Theft of resources for own use
  • Extortion: The act of obtaining something by force, threats or undue demands
  • Favouritism: The unfair favouring of one person or a group at the expense of others and includes nepotism which is favouritism shown to relatives/clan members
  • Fraud: Wrongful or criminal deception intended for financial or personal gain
  • Unnecessary waste: For example intentional surplus purchase and irresponsible spending.
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA): Any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differential power or trust, for sexual purposes, including but not limited to profiting monetarily, sexually or politically from the sexual exploitation of another. Sexual abuse means the actual or threatened physical intrusion of a sexual nature whether by force or under unequal or coercive conditions.

These examples are not exhaustive.

Consequences for Corruption

Corruption carries significant social, legal, financial consequences. It is for this reason that any breaches of this policy will be investigated. Breaches of the Anti-Corruption Policy may result in corrective action up to termination of your involvement with Manifest Mira. As well as prosecution to the full extent of the law.