Manifest Mira created the Guildline for volunteers of orphanages & boarding schools

Programm ZMIST

The main goal is that every child in Odesa region who finds himself in difficult life circumstances receives timely, qualified and competent assistance, as well as support, care, love, protection and realization of their rights.


Problems we work with:

Children in difficult life circumstances don't receive quality social services that would help them cope with the consequences of the living conditions in which they find themselves and the situations they have encountered.

  • Research: study of situations, identification of root problems, collection and systematization of information.
  • Production: semantic products and communication that will achieve the ultimate goal of the project.
  • Working with the info field: Informing citizens about deinstitutionalization reform and the most effective ways to support children in difficult life circumstances.

The mission of the project is to become a bridge from the established traditions of charity in the field of protection of children's rights to a progressive, competent, participatory society, one of the main priorities of which is the protection of children's rights.

Manifest Mira supports  Deinstitutionalization reform


Support for Deinstitutionalization reform:

In Ukraine, about 108,000 children are in boarding schools. However, most of them have parents or one of them, only 8% of children living in orphanages are orphan. In summer of 2017, the reform of deinstitutionalization (DI) was launched, which aims to support and preserve families, as well as the creation of alternative forms of care.

Why is it important to know and talk about reform? The boarding school usually has 100 to 300 children, 6-16 in one room. On average, a group of 20 people has one educator who is physically unable to give children all the nonmaterial and intangible things they need.

Each of us can imagine how a child feels when they do not receive care, love and attention, because we were all children once.

Therefore, giving them the opportunity to be raised in a family or a version as close as possible to family is an extremely important task.

Manifest Mira supports  Deinstitutionalization reform

Guideline for deputies on Deinstitutionalization reform:

Many politicians in their election speeches talk about supporting children. Often we are talking about helping children in boarding schools, for example, they promise to make the most comfortable boarding school in their district and help financially.

The Manifesto of Peace Charitable Foundation has compiled a guideline on how to speak correctly about children's institutions, about the children in them, and about the system of protecting children's rights in general.


Manifest Mira created Guideline for deputies on Deinstitutionalization reform
(click on the image for the pdf)


Guideline for volunteers of orphanages & boarding schools:

Assistant to novice volunteers to work with children in difficult life circumstances or living in guardianship institutions. Includes step-by-step instructions, lessons learned, competencies gained, and recommended reading.



Manifest Mira created the Guildline for volunteers of orphanages & boarding schools
(click on the image for the pdf)


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