Manifest Mira and the Norwegian Refugee Council Partner to provide humanitarian assistance for Ukraine

Manifest Mira Announces the NRC Odesa Aid Hub

Humanitarian Organization NRC Partners with Odesa Region's Manifest Mira

Long-term and lasting support for Ukraine

Odesa, Ukraine

October 31, 2022

“The International Community is really working together to help reduce suffering to Ukrainians. However the scale of aid needed is staggering. We are truly privileged to have the backing of the Norwegian Refugee Council,” states Eric Fairlie. The Director of Partnerships for the Manifest Mira Charitable Foundation.

Beginning in September 2022, Manifest Mira with the support of NRC launched the, Odesa Aid Hub. The project is well underway and has several aims.

The primary being to provide lifesaving food and hygiene kits to vulnerable families in the Odesa region.

To achieve this, NRC has provided Manifest Mira over 10,000 pre-packaged hygiene kits. As well as funding for packaging emergency food kits to feed families. Each kit is designed to assist a full household with their sanitary and nutritional needs.

Over 2427 families have received one of these kits to date.

The Odesa Aid Hub project is part of Manifest Mira’s larger strategy to help Ukrainians at large scale. For an extended period of time. Whether that be with emergency food, blankets, building materials or anything else needed to help reduce suffering caused by the Russian initiated war against Ukraine.

NRC Area Manager, Francis Hughes reinforced, “We are delighted to be partnering with such an exceptional organization such as Manifest Mira, who have been supporting displaced and vulnerable populations since 2014, ramping up efforts since the beginning of this conflict. We look forward to continuing this support through 2022 and long into 2023".

Manifest Mira is in process of collecting high-value in-kind foreign donations such as computers. That will then be used to support Ukrainian children with online education.

Thanks to our partners, particularly NRC, Manifest Mira is positioned to meet the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine for the present time. As well as the many increasingly difficult months ahead.

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