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Manifest Mira

Cash Donation

Cash Donation

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Help bring hope to Southern Ukraine. Make a donation to Manifest Mira to help bring emergency food supplies, water filtration systems, and basic medical supplies to Ukrainians suffering from Russia's invasion.

Instructions to Set Your Donation Amount

  1. Click "Add to Cart" button for donation. Smallest donation is set at $5 USD (amount will typically convert to your local currency)
  2. Go to Cart or copy this URL into browser
  3. Change the 'Quantity' to the precise amount you would like to donate.

    Example: If you would like to donate $25 USD, change the 'Quantity' to '1 x $20USD' + "1 x $5USD'.

  4. Click Check Out and follow the remaining instructions. Thank you!

*US Dollar conversion rates are subject to change daily. Please also check your credit card agreement for any additional conversion charges. Manifest Mira is not liable for unexpected credit card charges due to currency conversion.

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